Why aren't the seeds germinating?

This must be one of the most difficult questions to answer since there are many factors that can affect your germination result. We will share the most common mistakes that lead to failed germination with you.

Mistake 1: Over- or under-watering

Seeds need moisture to sprout but too much moisture can also drown them.
  • Before planting the seeds, ensure the soil is evenly and completely moistened by bottom watering.
  • The water condensation on the cover is a sign of good air humidity, but never let the soil surface look watery.
  • Only re-water when the surface soil is about to dry, which usually take at least 10 days after the first watering, if covered well. The watering frequency high depends on the soil drainage, container material, ventilation etc.


Mistake 2: Leaving seeds under direct sunlight or any light source with too much heat

Strong direct sunlight may heat up your soil very quickly. In summer, seeds can be fully cooked in 2-3 mins when placing under direct sunlight. On the contrary, indirect sunlight is the reflected sunlight, or the sunlight after passing through certain media that greatly reduce its intensity.

If you do not have a suitable light source at home, you may consider employing a grow light which will help a lot!

Mistake 3: Watering directly onto the soil surface

The stream of water can disturb/wash away the seeds. It may also cause an uneven distribution of water. Bottom watering is recommended especially if you are new in sowing.

 Mistake 4: Lack of drainage

To ensure a good drainage, you will need:

  • Containers made of ventilated material and with drainage hole(s).
  • Well drained soil mix

Mistake 5: Inappropriate seed sowing

  • Do not cover seeds with soil. Place the seeds gently and evenly on the soil surface, avoid granular material. 
  • Put the seeds with similar germination time in the same pot.
  • A 5-6cm (diameter) pot can hold 10-50 seeds.

Mistake 6: Lack of ventilation or light

Fungi (if any) or even pests may show up instead of the sprouts as a result of inadequate ventilation or light. Providing your seeds with some fresh air will help them grow healthier and stronger. The soil surface shouldn't be much lower than the container edge.

Mistake 7: Unstable growing conditions

Seeds are sensitive to the environment. Keep your temperature, moisture, and light stable during germination.

We don't wish to see that our customers don't get rewards for their hard work! Please let us know if you have any questions. We are always here to help :)

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